Group Policy Outlook Read Receipts

I am getting some conflicting advice regarding Outlook Read Receipts and Group Policy.

We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 on Server 2003, most clients are Outlook 2000, but there are a few 2003 and 2007 clients as well.  
What I would like is to Policy Out the users abaility to change the Outlook settings so they cannot decline sending a read reciept.  
I would like it so the buttons for the Read Reciept Options under Tools, Options, under Preferences choose E-Mail Options, Tracking Options are greyed out.

Is there a way using Group Policy to do this?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Group policy can control this, but you have to set it for each version of Outlook that you are using. You will need to download the Office Resource Kit tools for all versions of Office that you are using so that you get the adm files for that version.

not sure of all the options but you can push policy to Outlook
jollyguy68Author Commented:
That was the answer I was looking for - I could have been clearer about asking if I needed seperate policies for each version.  Thanks.
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