Routing outgoing SMTP messages on EXchange 2003

I have exchange 2003 SP1.  Two front end server and three backend server.  Two of the backend servers are clusterd.  I have to MX record. I have two ISA servers as well.  Is it possible to route my out going SMTP maills through my two ISA servers with load balancing using my MX records.
Right now the out going SMTP uses my firwall check point IP address and tries to match it with  which is the cluster name.  The mails get return if the receiver check for rDNS.  I could put the entry in our ISP DNS refering to which might fix my bouncing problem.
I like to be able to use my MX records for out going SMTP?  Is it possible and how
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MX records have nothing to do with outbound mail. They control the path that inbound mail takes and thats all they can do for you. It is theoretically possible to route your outbound mail through the ISA servers but what you are doing now, delivering the outbound mail through the firewall, is a pretty standard configuration and I don't see any reason to change it if the only problem you have is reverse DNS issues. Do exactly what you said in your post - add an A record to your external DNS for with the IP you listed (make sure to create a PTR record at the same time) and it will solve your reverse DNS problem. All anyone cares about when they do the reverse DNS check is that the IP sending them the mail has an entry in your external DNS.
Akbarzadeh_sAuthor Commented:
Right noe I do have a PTR in my external DNS and if I use nslookup it returns the right name but is missing A record whing I though it has to be doen by my ISP?

I was thing creating a smart host in exchange using one of my front end servers to route outgoing mail load balance them between the two ISA servers.  Would this give me better performace? I do not know.
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Akbarzadeh_sAuthor Commented:
I routed the outgoing mail to frontend servers and used the virtuial IP address of my ISAs for default gateway on the frontend server and create a consistehn roure on frontend server.   This case can be close.
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This can be closed.
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please close this.
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