Radio Button Mayhem


I'm using option buttons for yes/no decsions by making a two-member control-array for each instance of yes/no.  For example:

Have you stopped beating your mother?            Yes @   No @        (@ represents the button)

The buttons aren't behaving as they should.  On some rows, I'm able to select both "yes" and "no" with two radio-buttons that are in the same control array.  In other words, they are not mutually exclusive like they should be.  However, if I click the "no" button above one of those pairs where both are selected, the "no" in the lower button is no longer selected.  In other words, the "no" in the lower row is mutually exclusive to the "no" in the row above it.  Obviously, buttons on different rows should have nothing whatsoever to do with eachother.

I hope that makes sense.  I have checked and double-checked the naming of all these buttons to make sure that there are control arrays only where I want them.  Everything looks fine.

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In VB6, radio burttons are grouped by being in the same container (frame), The names are notrelevant.
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
If you want them to ~appear~ to be all in the same container then place each question (Label with its two RadioButtons) into a Borderless PictureBox.  Or build a UserControl to encapsulate a question with its associated controls...
NigelRocksAuthor Commented:
Making sure that the buttons are all in their respective frames (shift/del - shift/ins) seems to have solved the problem.

However, I believe that the names of the buttons also matter if you want to create a control array.  In any case, thanks!
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