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Hello all,

I am trying to create a grid with lines.  My header Textboxes have a background color.  I created vertical and horizontal lines to mimic grid lines.  I tried to use borders of textboxes to do this but could not get them to line up correctly.  The problem I am having is make the background color flush with the lines.  I able to make it look good but if you zoom in or out in viewer then it does not the background color does not stay flush with the lines and looks like crap.  Also if I print report it looks fine but if I export to pdf it defintly looks like crap.  Lines are longer then others and textboxes to big, shifted.  Need help.  I been at this for too long.  Any other way I should be going at this?  

Oh yeah I'm using Crystal Reports for VS.NET 2005.

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frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Rather than using the borders of textboxes, you can simply draw lines on the report...  Rt click on an empty section and select insert -> line.  Draw the line from the bottom of the page header to the top of the report footer - this way the line will expand vertically along with the size of the details section.
Another option if the columns are always the same size.  This isn't flexible but will give you great looking results...

Create a page-size image using any image editing software.  Draw the grid lines on the image as needed and you can also add background shading, etc.  Insert this image into the page header of your report.  In the section expert for the page header, click the option to "Underlay Following Sections".  This will use the image file as a background for the entire page - you can then line up your fields with the background image to get the appearance you want and it will typically translate well to both print and pdf.
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