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I have a dsl that had a cisco 678 modem/router, but it went down and this a discontinued cisco product. Is there a similar cisco modem/router that I can buy new and that can do ppoa auth and some routing capabilities like this one and afordable? thanks!

I have looked to the Cisco 870 series, but I don't like the combined wireless feature on them.
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Check Cisco 877 router. It is not wireless and I think it is not at end-of-life.
Cisco 837 ADSL Broadband Router.

this doesn't have a wireless.

There are other 800 series ADSL routers with slightly different features. Check on CDW or newegg
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As I mentioned this one has end-of-life status, so I can't get new ones, same with 678.
I checked on Cisco and apparently they no more release a standalone 800 models with no Wireless Support
The lowest one i found was the 857 ADSL router

Check the below links
Cisco 800 overview

Cisco 800 model Comparison, only the below are not wireless and all of them reached end of life
Hello Knightrider
You are right
Apparently there are different versions of the 877 check below

CISCO877-K9 -- Cisco 877 ADSL Router
CISCO877-M-K9 -- Cisco 877 ADSL Router with Annex M
CISCO877-SEC-K9 -- Cisco 877 Security Bundle with Plus Feature Set
CISCO877W-G-E-K9 -- Cisco 877 ADSL Wireless Router; Europe
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