DHCP Server with two scopes?

We have just brought a point to point connection in to our hQ office from one of our remotes. We are trying to determine how to have our HQ DHCP server provide the scope of addresses for that office along with the local office(We are taking the router out of play in the remote office that was handeling the DHCP requests previously). For example running and networks using as the subnet. Is there a way to provide both of the networks with the addresses from the one DHCP server? How does the client determine which scope to draw from? Is there a reccomendation for a better solution? Thanks.
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James MontgomeryCommented:
It's pretty straightforward.

You need a DHCP relay agent to take requests from one subnet and pass them onto a target server which in turn replies :D

You just need a device which can relay (most routers can do this).


If you have a local server combine this with a split scope option:

http:// thevpn.guruCommented:
If you have CISCO router enable BOOTP protocol on it ..and it will relay dhcp requests from one subnet to the other...or you can configure a Microsoft server to act as an relay agent if the router does not support BOOTP
rrmdesignAuthor Commented:
The only thing I am unclear on is if with the relay agent are we able to then set which scope it draws from? Keeping the second scope will minimize the static ip changes that will have to occur otherwise. Thanks.
Mark WaldenInformation Security EngineerCommented:
What kind of router do you have at the remote office?  Some equiptment allows you to config a "Helper Address".  Foundry and Cisco devices have this.  What i does is forwards DHCP requests to whatever address you config it for.  DHCP in turn replys with an ip address from whatever subnet the request if comming from.
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