Cannot disable printer information bubbles

We have an HP LaserJet 4240n.

We have a certain user who gets a notification bubble after every print job that says "This document failed to print..."; however, the document does print successfully.  The user is on XP Pro SP2.

This is only a minor annoyance, but the user in question is a manager, so I need to fix it.

I have already turned off the informational notifications under the Printers & Faxes - File - Server Properties - Advanced tab.

Any ideas?

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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a couple of things to try. From Start > Printer > Properties, click on the Advanced tab and tick the "Start printing after last page is spooled" or even the "Print directly to printer" button.

You can also try the suggestion made in this link:

Note that, if the printer is NOT connected via a server, you should use the name EnableBalloonNotificationsLocal (add it if necessary).

The message you are getting is actually from the Windows print spooler, and can be caused by many things.

How is the user connected? Direct (parallel or usb)? Networked via a server or printserver? Direct TCP/IP network connection?

Have any recent changes or upgrades been made to the PC? Does it happen on every print job, or only on some? From all applicartions or only some?
rjander77Author Commented:
"From Start > Printer > Properties, click on the Advanced tab and tick "Start printing after last page is spooled".

Doing this on the server worked!

Thanks a lot!
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