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Unable to access shared drive

I am unable to access a shared drive.  I have a WIndows XP peer-to-peer network.  All machines, except one, are running Windows XP Pro (some have service pack 2, some are on service pack 1.)  The one machine is running Windows XP Home.  One of the XP Pro machines is trying to share its drive C.  However, it can't access its own shared drive on the network, and the other machines can't access it either.  They all can see it, but when they try to access it, they get the error message:  
"\\mark\c is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
Not enough server storage is available to process this command."
The message is the same on the machine "\\mark".
The other machines share their drives and/or directories and all can access the others.
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Make sure if have set both Share and Security permissions..

Enabling Share permissions alone would not suffice... make sure u have granted appropriate rights on NTFS security as well...
lyonskiAuthor Commented:
Where do I grant appropriate tights on NTFS security?
Ok.. when u right click on any folder..and go to properties..

you'd see both Sharing and Security on 2 different tabs...

On the Sharing tab.. u'd enable, Share this folder as....

once thats done..

click on the Security Tab... and ADD the users u'd like to access the share.. and give them whatever access u'd want... FULL CONTROL.. or MODIFY.. etc etc..
lyonskiAuthor Commented:
Actually, when I right click on any folder and select Properties, I only have a tab for Sharing.  There is not a tab for Security.  Also, if I right-click on the folder, Sharing and Security show up on one line together.  The computer is using Windows XP Service Pack 2.
by default \\pcname\c$ is an admin share and has  $ in the path after it

Mapping this UNC

by default these are the only root drive shares, unless you created a share named "c" there isnt one.

"Not enough server storage is available to process this command."

This error was common in NT and happened after reinstalling a network driver and then not reapplying the service pack.  Might sound really dumb but I would reccommend reloading SP2 on all the machines.

Also might want to check the windows Firewall on the SP2 machines.

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