Dreamweaver database issue - no tables displayed?

Hi Guys,
I've set up an ASP.NET C# site, i have a OLE DB Connection to my SQL 2000 Server when i go into TEST the connection is says "Connection was Made Successfully".

heres my problem,

when i go to add a DataSet i give it a name and then select my connection which is called DBConnect,
i should get back a list of tables on my server but it comes back ***NO Table Found

any ideas please??????

heres whats in my web.config file...

            <add key="MM_CONNECTION_HANDLER_testme" value="sqlserver.htm" />
            <add key="MM_CONNECTION_STRING_testme" value="Data Source=whsql-v12.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net;Initial Catalog=DB_104386;User ID=[myuserid];Password=[mypassword];" />
            <add key="MM_CONNECTION_DATABASETYPE_testme" value="SQLServer" />
            <add key="MM_CONNECTION_SCHEMA_testme" value="" />
            <add key="MM_CONNECTION_CATALOG_testme" value="" />      </appSettings>
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RouchieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apologies for stating the obvious, but did you created your dataSet using a valid SQL select statement?  Creating the connection is sometimes not enough to view the tables, because you need to SELECT which tables you're pulling data from before DW lets you have the visibility you need.
This question is, word for word, the exact same as this two year old question:  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web_Development/Software/Macromedia_Dreamweaver/Q_21307661.html

Similar username, too.
jayh99Author Commented:
Yes, I realize this. I basically just copied and pasted his question since I had the exact same problem. The solution the original poster went with, however, does not work for me. Any other thoughts?
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Check to make sure the username you are connecting with has the proper permissions to view those tables.  Also, install the Dreamweaver 8.0.2 update if you haven't already.
jayh99Author Commented:
Yes, I have the permissions to access the tables. I access them with the same user and pass through GoDaddy's sql control panel and I am able to view them fine.

As far as the update goes, I'm using mx 2004, not 8. Think it would help to upgrade to version 8?
Have you tried searching on your host's site?  http://help.godaddy.com/article.php?article_id=689
jayh99Author Commented:
I'm not connecting with the 2.0 .net framework. I'm using 1.1.xxx
jayh99Author Commented:
Thanks, Rouchie. Although building the dataset still didnt allow the viewing of my tables in the application pane, I was able to gain access to them via the dataset query which is ultimately all I really wanted to do.
I always design the query in the database query builder anyway - it gives you much more power and control over what's happening.  DW is only good for very basic SQL statements.
I need to use dreamweaver 8 as I need to use webassist extensions - I just got the hosting company to upgrade from mysql 3 to mysql 4.1 -  is there a tutorial somewhere that tells you how to create datasets in phpmyadmin

I also get 'error calling GetTables' saying "syntax error near '-_copiers' at line 1

the database has the name 'a1copiers_com_-_copiers'
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