Server 2003 Folder Permissions

I have to create a folder where users are mapped to it at logon:
1. Users can save files to folder
2. Users cannot delete files
3. No files can be removed except by Domain Administrator not even creator
4. Subfolders cannot be created
5. Users cannot "explore" contents (would like it to appear empty if exploring or when saving)

When i share the folder and look at options i see that there are 2. Permissions and Security. Which do i use and what permissions need to be set.

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ajbrittonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will find this almost impossible. Whenever a user creates a file, they become the owner of it. That gives them certain privileges over the file; one of which is that they can modify the permissions on it. This means that no matter what the NTFS permissions on the folder are, if a user is able to create a file, they will be allowed to change the permissions on it and therefore to delete it.

Having said all that, if the user is connected via a share which limits them to 'modify' as opposed to 'full control', they are denied the ability to make permission changes.
ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Security tab and click on the Advanced button for "additional" permissions. There are a list of 13-15 special permissions that you can set towards users or groups. However, I think there will be a problem if you restrict user to "explore" the folder. If they can't view what are in the folder how can they choose the file they want to open?
bcmeyer1983Author Commented:
With that said how can i prevent other users from deleting things that are not thiers. where do i specify this at? i have the permissions tab and security...
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