2 MS Exchange mail domains in one LAN. One cannot email the other.

I have 2 Exchange servers in 2 seperate domains, but behind the same firewall.

Server 1 can email server 2 recipients, as well as any other external email domain.

Server2 can email any external domian, but cannot email server1.

Both Server1 and Sever2 are MS Exchange 2003

What do i need to do to allow Server2 to be able to see the recipeints of Server1?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How do you try and send email between the servers? By DNS? That is likely to fail because they are behind the same firewall. DNS will resolve to the external IP address and then things go wrong quite quickly.

The quickest solution to this is to configure an SMTP Connector on both servers.
When you configure the connector, set it to use a smart host and enter the IP address of the other server as the smart host, enclosed in [ ]
On the address space tab, remove the * and set the domain the other server is responsible for.

So Server1 would have its SMTP connector set with Server2's IP address as the smart host and the address as domain2.com
On Server2, it would have Server1 IP address and domain1.com

Exchange will use the SMTP connector first before attempting a DNS delivery.

Do you get any sort of error message when you try to send mail to Server1?
Could this be a DNS problem?
pflechaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Sembee!!

The SMTP connector did the trick.
It looks like Sembee helped you resolve your problem.   I would like to encourage you to "Accept" his solution.  By doing this it does two things; the first is that it rewards the Experts for their assistance by giving them points, the second thing it does is help clean up the category from unanswered questions so others know the problem has been resolved and don't open the question to see if they can offer further assistance.

Thank you.
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