Convert a GIGANTIC Excel (.xls) file

I just received an excel file containing data (there shouldn't be any formulas) from the MIS department of a company I'm working with. Unfortunately the file is 1.3 gb and I can't open it without crashing my computer. Does anybody know of any utilities that convert excel files to text files without having to open the file in Excel. Something that converts the file line by line would be ideal as I think the crash is caused by trying to open the entire dataset in memory.

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If you have MS SQL installed you could try importing it into an SQL table.  Accessing the file with a database driver or ODBC datasource will not require the same memory space as loading Excel.  Someone definitely created the .xls by this method, and not from within the Excel app.  It would probably be useful to have the file contents in SQL anyway.

jeremyspringerAuthor Commented:
Good suggestion. I used a third party SQL application to query the data. Still took forever, but at least my machine got there eventually. Thanks for the help!!
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