What is an intel protocol and why is it "broadcasting" on our network. Thanks.

Intel_a6:40:ea      Broadcast      Intel ANS probe      Sequence: 3178176768, Sender ID 512, Team ID 00:04:23:a6:40:ea

Does anyone know what this means.  What is a Intel Protocl and why is it broadcasting on our network?  Thank you for your assistance.
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It can make two NIC's "appeare" as one.  You can set it up as  "Active/Active" or "Active/Standby".

In "Active/Active" both NIC's are used for outbound traffic and one NIC is used for inbound traffic.  If the NIC used for inbound "dies" or looses connectivity, then the other NIC will be used for inbound traffic.

In "Active/Standby" only one NIC is used for inbound or outbound traffic.  If it "dies" or looses connectivity the standby NIC will take over.

The OS needs a special driver and the OS sees a "virtual" NIC.  This is the NIC that has the IP address and the virtual NIC will use one of the real NIC's MAC address.  If the NIC which MAC address it choose to use dies or looses network connectivity, it will start using the other NIC's MAC address.
Intel Advanced Networking Services

It is used for teaming/load balancing/fault tolerence by intel NICs. You should be able to disable this by going to network card properties of the NIC.
esphelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Hmmmm. I don't understand precisely what this does.  We are not load balancing.  Thanks.
Thanks for the points, but in all fairness knightrider2k2 did answer the question correctly and first.  All I did was describe what NIC teaming was.

You can put a 0 point question in community service and ask to have the question re-opened, then accept his answer and give me an assist.
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