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What  is the best malware software out there ...
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There are probably as many "bests" as there are are legit programs out there. I can only give you general impressions based on my own preferences/bias.

I like programs that give you as much information as necessary but leave the decision making up to the user. Therefore I like almost all programs from SysInternals (now part of Microsoft), but specifically for malware:

(a) Autoruns
(b) RootkitRevealer:
(c) Process Explorer:

plus a few of the others. Then there is that old standby;

(d) HijackThis
Not as complete as Autoruns but many people are more familiar with it, plus you can post the results back to that web site for automated analysis which is very helpful but sometimes not perfect.

For cases where the above are not working out, or you just want something quicker:

(e) Windows Defender:
(f) SuperAntiSpyware:

The former is completely free and bundled with Vista. The latter has a free version and is recommened often on this site.

For more traditional virus-scanning (as opposed to malware/spyware scanning), both AVG and Avast have free versions:

Then there are several sites that offer on-line scanning:


I forgot to add for AV scanning, two programs that are often recommended, though not free, are:

Also, another good choice for malware scanning/removal is:

 AVG (formerly ewido):
Thanks and Good Luck :)
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