Crystal Reports 8.5 - Cannot Programmatically Connect Until Manually Opened

Hi everyone!  I have another Crystal Reports 8.5 question that has me scratching my head. =)

I am programatically changing the database source, login name and password for Crystal Reports 8.5 reports (.rpt files).  My intent is to be able to simply copy the .rpt files to any system with Crystal Reports 8.5 and my software installed, and when my software is run it will run the reports on that system's database.

I've noticed that, if I create a set of .rpt files on a particular system and then copy those .rpt files to another system, when I run my code that programatically changes the database source and tries to open the .rpt file it says that it cannot connect to the database (even if both the original and the new system that the .rpt files now reside on were using the same database and connection information).

However, if I open any one of the .rpt files in the Crystal Reports program itself and give it the database username/password manually, *ALL* of the .rpt files (not just the one that was directly opened) will now open correctly when I programmatically change their connection information.

Is there some kind of hidden INI file or Registry setting that Crystal Reports creates that is causing this to suddenly work if I open a file and connect it to the database manually?  If I cannot create said file/setting manually, that means that I'll have to have the end user open one of the reports manually before they can use them automatically through my program... and that's less than ideal. =)

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Well, I'm not really sure what would be causing this.  If you were using a repository data source then I'd say the repository needs to be initialized on the new machine but I don't think that's it.


#1)  Comment out the testconnectivity method in your code and see if you get a more helpful error message when you associate the report to the viewer.

#2) If you have the tools to do it, compare the system before you open one of the reports and then after you open one to determine what has changed.  If nothing else I'd export the system registry before and after and use MS Word to compare them - any differences may give you a clue what's happening.

No setting that I am aware of.  We didn't have any problems.

Make sure you aren't saving data with the report
In code

In the Crystal designer
Open a report
Click FILE
Ensure SAVE DATA WITH REPORT is not checked

How are you connecting to the database?  Sounds like you might be using an ODBC connection that isn't saving the login credentials so until you supply them your reports won't be able to connect?

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ISCANTEAMAuthor Commented:

Hmm, I'll try that and let you know.


If it helps, we're connecting using the Active Data (ADO) Connection Source, and we are programatically providing login credentials.  The following is a relevant source code clipping from where we do it:

Private Sub ShowReport(strPath As String, strSelection As String)
'  Purpose: Show the given report.
    Dim crxApp As CRAXDRT.Application
    Dim crxReport As CRAXDRT.Report
    Dim crxDataTable As CRAXDRT.DatabaseTable
    Set crxApp = New CRAXDRT.Application
    Set crxReport = crxApp.OpenReport(GetExePath(strPath, True), 1)

    ' Set the main report's database location
    For Each crxDataTable In crxReport.Database.Tables
        With crxDataTable
            .Name = .Name
        End With
        Call MsgBox("Path: " & gUserSettings.DatabasePath & vbCrLf & "User: " & gUserSettings.DatabaseUser)
        crxDataTable.SetLogOnInfo gUserSettings.DatabasePath, "Projects", gUserSettings.DatabaseUser, gUserSettings.DatabasePassword
        crxDataTable.Location = Right(crxDataTable.Location, Len(crxDataTable.Location) - InStrRev(crxDataTable.Location, "."))
        Call MsgBox("LOGONPath: " & crxDataTable.LogOnServerName & vbCrLf & "LOGONUser: " & crxDataTable.LogOnUserID & vbCrLf & "LOGONDB: " & crxDataTable.LogOnDatabaseName & vbCrLf & "Location: " & crxDataTable.Location & vbCrLf)
        If Not crxDataTable.TestConnectivity Then
            Call MsgBox("Unable to connect to database: " & crxDataTable.Name, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Error Connecting to Database")
            Set crxReport = Nothing
            Set crxApp = Nothing
            Exit Sub
        End If
    CRViewer.ReportSource = crxReport
End Sub

It's especially odd because we only have to open *one* report through the normal Crystal Reports program for *all* of them to suddenly work using the code above.  If I run the code above on a computer before I open any one of the reports up manually, the messageboxes in the code above still show that the connection information has been properly set... it just doesn't actually make the connection (I get a "Cannot connect to database" error from Crystal Reports) when I get to that .TestConnectivity line.

But I have a good number of reports (a dozen or more), and opening any one of them manually will then allow the code above to work (even if I haven't opened any of the others on that system).  Hopefully this helps with the mystery. =)
ISCANTEAMAuthor Commented:

Aye, it looks like "Save Data with Report" was already unchecked for all of the reports.  Shoot, I was hoping that might be what was up. =(
What is the exact error message you get - is it actually "cannot connect to database"?
ISCANTEAMAuthor Commented:
Well, it's not an error message from Crystal Reports itself.  I get the error from the message box I had made above:

Call MsgBox("Unable to connect to database: " & crxDataTable.Name, vbInformation + vbOKOnly, "Error Connecting to Database")

Which indicates that the .TestConnectivity method failed.  No error from Crystal Reports itself though other than the failed connectivity.  And once I open any one of the reports manually, the TestConnectivity works for any of the other reports from then on.

(needless to say, it's a pain to test this problem repeatedly... I've run out of computers at my office to test it on because once I open it manually it all works =)  I'm gonna nuke one of the systems and install Norton Ghost on it so I can test this unusual problem without having to re-nuke or find completely new systems every time. ;))
ISCANTEAMAuthor Commented:
Aye, good ideas.  I'll see what I can discover... hopefully I'll have some time to wipe a system tomorrow and get started on that.  I'll report here when I get more info. =)
ISCANTEAMAuthor Commented:
Aye, I haven't had time to find the actual solution yet (I was redirected to other work by my boss).  Sorry about the delay there: I've tenatively accepted your solution, but I won't add it to the Knowledgebase since we didn't figure out what was going on.  When I get some time, I'll repost this question and we'll see what we can do. =)
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