No Operating System Found XP

XP Professional - When booting getting message "No operating system found"

Bios does not recognize the hardrive but i am able to use a bootable disk and see the contents of the hardrive. I have tried resetting bios but it still doesn not recognize a hardrive. Is this a motherboard issue??
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try to run ERD commander, and log on to the disk, then backup your data :,fid,25445,00.asp

in many cases, you just can reboot your system then; but if still problems, test it with one of these :                  Drive Fitness Test Fujitsu            Samsung                        Western Digital                  IBM & Hitachi     Seagate & Maxtor
It could be motherboard as well as the hard drive. If you can pull the drive out and reseat it, see if any better? What is your laptop brand and model?
zingabAuthor Commented:
its a toshiba satellite, i dont have the exact model available currently. I already reseated it but still not being seen by bios. If it was a bad hardrive how come I can see the drives contents using ERD commander? Would you go the motherboard rout as a more likely cause?
Try reset bios as method below if you did not reset by that yet:

1. Turn on computer by Holding down power button while pressing the Esc key. The machine will beep, then display, and then check System, then press [F1] key.
2. Release Esc key
3. Press F1 key

Please post back.
Dear try to do this - Start your laptop with your recovery cd and  go thgough the recovery console .Before copying started the program will search for HDD . If any problem with the HDD you will get the error message. .I think your Hard Disk is having problem  or change the data cable or power connector for the HDD. Best of Luck Bye Take care
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