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Samba - User Group Mappings

I'm currently configuring a Samba server on a Debian box and everything is going fine at the moment, except for this small issue.

Basically I need my users to have their primary unix group set to various different groups, but I also need them to be power users on their windows machines. Each user is part of the mapped power users group, but they do not have power user access on the domain unless I set their primary user group to the mapped group. This causes problems however as I need them in their existing groups.

Is there a way to map more than on unix group to a single samba group? Or is there some other way I can do this?
1 Solution
You will do it with 'net' command
net -w DOMAINNAME groupmap list # will show current mappings
mundylAuthor Commented:

If you re-read my question I have already mapped a unix group to the required NT groups, what I'm trying to do is map multiple unix groups to nt groups.

The group mapping only works for users who's primary group is the same as the mapped group, for example lets say that the group "powerusers" is mapped to the nt group "Power Users". Users logging onto the domain will only be considered a part of the Power User's group is their primary unix group is "powerusers"

Lets say we have three users that need power user access: jbloggs, sjones, jdoe. jbloggs' primary group is accounts, sjones' primary group is reception and jdoe's primary group is sales. Each user's primary group already allows them access to certain files on the network, but I need them to still be Power Users on their Windows machines. I can't change their primary group membership to powerusers as this will remove their access to group specific files. What I need to be able to do is map the groups accounts, reception and sales to the Power User nt group.
best choice would be to forget about the primary group thing altogether, except : just stick them into a group that is mapped to the power user nt group and do the rest with acls in the file system. (of course your fs then needs acl support, but I hint that you've already installed it like that ...

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