Win 2003 R2 Web Server in AD Domain - Unable to log on to Local Machine, unable to viw or configure local users and groups.

On a Windows 2003 R2 server configured as an APP and WEB server in a single AD domain, I am trying to set group permissions to allow a web app to work correctly, but (via Terminal Server) I am ...

1. unable to log on to the local machine - the only choice in the drop-down is the domain..
2. Logged on to the machine as a domain Admin, local users and groups are not present when in Computer Management, or when viewing Control Panel. When I look in Documents and Settings, several local users accounts are present.

What do I need to change here to allow me to log on to the local machine and access local users and groups ?

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mailtosinghsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
either you are connecting to wrong server or you have promoted this server as Domain Controller.

you are not able to see local system name in the log on to list because the server is a DC.
If the server is promoted to DC there will not be any local user or group.

you have to demote this DC to access local user.

by the way why do you want to configure local user account in a domain environment?
this is not a best practice.
emoss2000PresidentAuthor Commented:
This Server is going to function as the SQL DB and web server for an HR management system. The instructions provided by the vendor for configuration of the ASPNET, IUSR<server_name, and Administrator accounts on the wwwroot folder can not be completed as written, as they are not for a DC...

same you can achieve by adding domain admins in place for administrator, iuser_<domain_netbiosname> for iusr_machine name

for aspnet use see the ms kb
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