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Connectivity breaks and starts

Hello, I'm running Windows XP media center. I've been having this problem for about 6 months. Whenever I load a webpage, it will randomly stop loading at a random point. The same goes for downloads, and even uploads/downloads to other computers on our network. I've tried 3 routers and various other cables to no avail. I'm pretty lost as of right now, help please.
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Are you using  DSL ?
The common factor here is that it all involves this one machine?

If so....

What I like to do on any network problem....Is to reset it ALL....

Open Network Connections in Control Panel>Double click it>Properties, and select the Client for MS networks, and File and Printer Sharing. Select the Uninstall button....



netsh int ip reset reset.log
netsh firewall reset
netsh winsock reset

Then remove ALL NIC's from the device manager..
In the Device Manager, select View>Show Hidden Devices

(If the Show Hidden devices is not present, do the following command from a command prompt..)

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

More information on that command here....
Device Manager does not display devices that are not connected to the Windows XP-based computer

Go back to Network Adapters, and make sure your adapters are all gone, including any older ones. (there will be several ' miniport' devices that are not able to be uninstalled....)
Once they are all gone, reboot and let Windows reinstall them...

Thats a total rebuild of your network connections, to hopefully correct any problems with Basic connectivity.
ScythyAuthor Commented:
I completed all the steps you said Johnb6767. The connection still suddenly breaks during download of anything.

Also, Punky, I have cable, which is irrelevant though since I've taken my laptop to 3 locations with different connection types and still had the same problem.  It happens with wireless and wired. I suppose i wouldn't mind if the connection started again, but it just stops wherever it is. Downloads over 3MB are pretty much impossible since it stops before then.
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sounds like a bad NIC. Have you ran diagnostics yet
ScythyAuthor Commented:
Any instructions on how or where to run diagnostics.

netsh diag gui

Will bring up a Network Diagnostics page, and you can set custom scanning options.....

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