how do video conversion works in Yuotube script from

Hi all,
I have a fedora core 4 box and my manager wants to make a video sharing service inside a certain site we work on . we work with php so he managed to have a script for that from and we installed the required software for that and got the site runing.
the problem is that after uploading the video it doesn't make the conversion of the uploaded file and there is no error message and we don't know why is that tell now can you guide me in that
if there is a link ,tutorial,white paper an Idea or experience for a similar situation would you please help me in that any help is appreciatable
please reply as soon as possible
thanks  in advance
Best Regards
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Jay-ShahjConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The video conversion works by using FFMPEG + The codecs, you can follow this nice tutorial to install it. You then will need to install the FFMPEG PHP Extensions (most likely) [].

Tutorial to install FFMPEG + Codecs:

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