Sent Items folder stuck in Deleted Items

Exchange 2003
Outlook 2007

The Exchange server went down whilst a user's Outlook was populating its local copy for the first time.  Once the server came back up and the client re-established its Exchange connection, the Sent Items folder now appears within Deleted Items.  It cannot be moved back to its original location at the root of the mailbox along side Inbox etc, giving the error below.  

Is it possible to move the folder, or set a new Sent Items folder and copy the emails to it?

"Cannot move the items. Special folders, including the Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and Journal folders, cannot be moved."
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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it work sending a message? Does the sent message appear in Sent Items (under Deleted items)?
You could try to export all messages, delete the account, recreate it and import the messages again (you will need to move them manually to the newly created folders)
Remove the user profile and recreate it. It'll start syncronizing from scratch.
Or, click off Cached Mode
prodriveitAuthor Commented:
Gave that a go but the Sent Items folder is in the Deleted Items folder on the server copy (I can see through OWA).  So when I recreate the Outlook profile it still has the same problem.
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prodriveitAuthor Commented:
I can send/receive email fine and sent emails do appear in Sent Items within Deleted Items.  Is there no other way than creating a new exchange mailbox?
CamyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If its a brand new mailbox i would be tempted to just delete and re-create it.
Not confident it will work but using the /resetfolders swtich for Outlook might be worth a try?
prodriveitAuthor Commented:
Tried the resetfolders and resetfoldernames switches but no joy.  I'm going to export it all to a PST, delete and create a new exchange mailbox, then manually copy the PST data to it.  I'll post back when its all done.
prodriveitAuthor Commented:
That did the trick, a real pain but seems to be the only solution.
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