Restrict access to moving folders/directories

I am wondering if it is possible to restrict a group of several users access to MOVING folders yet still have read/write access to their contents. I am trying to appoint one user creation permissions so they may create/delete/move folders but restrict others as there has been reported cases of files going missing and being moved around. Is this possible? I have looked through the standard security permissions and special permissions but to no avail.

Any ideas?
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Sadly enough, this is not possible. I couldn't guess how many times I wished for that posibility ;-)
As soon as someone has read+delete rights on a file/folder and he has write access to the destination then he can move.

If I understand the question correctly, you might be able to do the following:

Right-click on the main folder you want to restrict, select Properties -> Security
Click Advanced then un-check "Inherit from parent..." and click Copy
Still in Security window, remove all users except the Group you want to give restricted permissions to, then give this Group all permissions except "Full Control"
Then click Advanced, Permissions tab, click on Group name, then Edit.
Leave everything as is except "check" the "Deny" column for the "Delete" permission.

After this, the people in Group should be able to create and modify files/folders in that folder but won't be able to Delete.

Note the they will also not be able to Rename files/folders because renaming is effectively the same as delete.

Test on a small example first.
r-k, I did not want to give this advice because lots of applications fail when they have no delete rights on their files.
E.g. Office creates temporary files which the applications must be able to deleted when running/exiting.
So Sif_F, testing is indeed important.


PowerIT: Yes you are absolutely correct. I did not want to make the post overly long so left out a few details like that, and just added the "test first" line. That problem may not arise if they are looking at storing a database or images etc. and not editing files directly with Notepad or Word e.g.

In general the Move/Rename/Delete operations are very closely tied together and permission for one implies permission for the others.
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