As400 - not able to allocate tap02 ?

Okay, I'm learning my way through our AS400, V5R3.  Right now I'm setting up a test environment.  I've done the full backup and am restoring the libraries from the tape (tap02) with the test environment names.  My full backup is on two tapes.  The backup was completed on 7/17/07.  Because the RSTLIB function seems to shut down jobs necessary for us to run our daily environment I'm doing this after hours.  Last week I restored 7 libraries with no problem.  Got back to it this morning and when entering the RSTLIB command I receive an error of "Not able to allocate object TAP02."  If I try to check the contents of the tape (with DSPTAP DEV(TAP02)) I receive "Cannot allocate device TAP02."  I don't know why I am receiving these errors.  Can someone with more experience than me (and I am a definite newbie on the AS400) explain these error messages and provide some pointers?  Thanks.
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Start with WRKACTJOB and look for any job that has TAPW or LCKW as a status. It's probaby related to your last restore job or a current backup job. You might want to WRKCFGSTS *DEV and look at the status of the tape device. It may need to be varied on. I'm assuming that you have full privileges on the AS400. Actually, the first thing to do is DSPMSG QSYSOPR and see if there are any messages about TAP02.
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Got it, last backup job hadn't closed successfully.  Thanks.

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