When the Xp wiht a Sql installed shutsdown abnormally in case of a power down, there is no possibility to logon with a xp user

I have several Xp server pc with a sql 2000 PE installed. Occasionally occurs that thare is a power down (no electricity), than the Xp servre shutsdown abnormally. After a shutdown, I do start the Xp, but to logon it takes about 10- 20 minutes. I think that probably the Xp os or the sql 2000 enters in a recovery state or someting. But the interessed thing is that I do have also W2000 machines with sql200pe, and those w2k servers dont experience this kind of problem. Does anybody have any idea?
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gregajesihConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
"No Solution"
1) Get a UPS with an auto shut down software for the machines

2) XP has more features and checks the files system better than Win2k

I hope this helps !
gregajesihAuthor Commented:
please close this question
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