how to make clustering in apache

Hi all,
my manager assign me the task of making a cluster for web applications on apache on a lan that use fedora and working in a mixed network with windows .
the problem is I'm a newbie in that task and without experience in that area so can any body help me in that???
any help, idea, note, hint, examples, turorials, links or books are very welcomed
please reply as soon as possible
thanks in advance
best Regards
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rixlabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need a failover cluster or a load balance cluster???
shang3000Author Commented:
hi rixlabs,
thanks for reply
>>>You need a failover cluster or a load balance cluster???
I don't know what is the difference between them so please explain more for me?
all what I want is a cluster that can take very huge amount of users per second (nearly 5 millions)
so would you please give me more details?
best regards
shang3000Author Commented:
hi giltjr,
I'm here asking about the how to mechnism to do that not the openion of the experts that's why I separated the questions so if you have the information about the how to please send it and I'm  talking to all the experts too (any body guys can help me to know the how to for  making a cluster with apache please send me the links.
Best Regards
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