to move mailbox the same administrative group

I want to move the mailbox between the same administrative groups from standarts mailboxes to advanced mailboxes group but I get following error;
  <progress code="0" milliseconds="172">Connecting to source server.</progress>
- <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0xc0070005">
  Access is denied.
- <details>
- <source>
and I have full permission on the mailbox that I wil move..what do we do?
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amaheshwariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check this:
A move mailbox operation is not successful, and Event ID 9166 appears in the Application log in Exchange Server 2003
Are you logged on as the Enterprise Admin or Exchange Admin?
Some version information would be good here.
Permissions on the mailboxes is not a concern. You do not need to have any permissions on the mailbox to move mailboxes.
This is either permissions on the Exchange org or the stores.
Are you using THE administrator account or an equivalent?

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