I want to have remote access to my business network from home via RDP

I want to have remote access to my business network from home via RDP.

Current network setup:

(static IP from ISP)
[ADSL modem]
[Wireless router]
[Server-wireless NIC]
[Windows 2003 SBS]

Hope that made sence.

Anyway I have been trying to get remote access via RDP to the server from the WWW but have not gotten far. Can someone please give me some step-by-step procedures on getting this to work. I am familiar with 2003 SBS and RDP, but have not tried to set this type of situation up before.

The weird thing is that I cannot even ping the Wireless NIC on the server from a pc on the same subnet ( attached to the Wireless router. Is this normal? I setup the 2 NICS on the 2003 SBS server using the wizard to allow internet access to the pc's on the server domain (which works fine).

I can use RDP to the server from the pc's on the wired network ( fine.

The wireless router can be setup to be used just as an access point if this will simplify matters.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Your problem is that you've stuck that Wireless Router in there incorrectly.  As you aluded to and as pointed out by RobWill that the current config causes NAT issues.

Please see http://sbsurl.com/wireless for proper configurations of wireless access points on an SBS network.  Then please see http://sbsurl.com/msicw for proper network configurations and http://sbsurl.com/twonics for an example of how to configure your settings with two network cards.

So you want RDP but not VPN??? VPN is more secured.

By the way, if you insist to use RDP, open port 3389 on your firewall and forward to your server. On your workstation, create a Remote Desktop Connection to the public IP of your server. If you RDP using the Domain Admin account your need to add this to the Mobile Group.
If it's SBS I believe the Remote Web Workplace is the correct way to go, and the simplest.

See here:




I've not done it personally, but I believe it is as simple as checking to make sure it works from internal, and if so, then simply "publishing" your SBS server to the internet on 80 and 443 will allow you to connect from external.  You would need to use either your static IP address externally or your FQDN if you have that published with an external DNS (such as if you are hosting your own mail currently on the SBS server).

Hope that helps.
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Walter PadrónCommented:
You must modify the access control lists to open port tcp/3389

Rob WilliamsCommented:
You mention SBS. I would recommend using RWW (Remote Web Workplace). It is unique to SBS, will give you exact same control, but is far more secure as it uses SSL. Instructions to configure can be found here:

Should you want you want to connect directly to a PC or server, see the following instructions:

One note and may be your problem. I see the ADSL modem has I assume a LAN IP of  This would indicate it is a combined modem and router performing NAT (Network Address Translation). If this is the case it either needs to be put in bridge mode, and the router configured with the ISP connection information, or port forwarding configured on the ADSL modem to point to the router and then port forwarding configured on the router to point to the server. This applies to both RDP and RWW.
pj_harroAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for advice, it may take me a couple days to get to be able to try some of the suggestions. I'll get back to you as soon as possible
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