C# - Side retractable, pinnable, and undockable gui panels implementation.

Hi Everyone,

I am a new programmer.  C#

I was wondering if anyone had a template for the expandable tabbed and pinable and undockable features of the sides of a gui which retract.  I seem to see it used very nicely in recent software packages and would like to know how to implemement them myself.  I have VS 2003.net and don't see them as a tool box item I don't think.  So if someone has a template and or could give me the correct direction I would appreciate it.

Please allow me to express my gratitude in advance.

Best regards,

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Are you looking for something like this:

The older VS2003 version is available here:

Visual Studio or the .NET Framework does not ship with this type of advanced control, you can however use a few one or one of the many really nice commercial products.
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