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I am currently working with Flash MX 2004 and I've added graphics to the scenes in my .fla. The graphics, copied and pasted from an Illustrator eps file and saved as a Flash symbol (graphic), seem to be causing a problem when I test a scene or publish a movie. I try to test the movie but Flash stops mid way and there is no error message. The same thing happens when I publish a movie.  Does anyone know what might cause Flash to stop the testing or publish process part way but with no error message?

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victmoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's weird, but has happend to me...
Try the following to see if it works.

1) Create a new or temporary fla file.
2) On that file, import your eps.
3) Once the eps is on stage, select all of it and press Ctrl+B many times until your eps grouped shapes are breaked into a single shape.
4) Select all again and press F8 to convert it to a symbol.
5) Copy your new symbol and paste it to the movie your working into.

Hope this helps,

DeborahSGAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'll give that a try if I decide to go with eps. I've decided to revert back to importing a swf instead. By all accounts that seems to be the preferred way of importing vector graphic and maintaining the integrity of the illustration.
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