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I need to copy the entire contents of a server over to a new machne.  I am running server 2003.  I do not have it set up as a DC.  All user accounts are setup on the local machine.  I need to find out which software would be best to totally duplicate this server onto a new server (including user accounts, user rights, directory and folder structures, folder rights, etc.).  I want to try and do this so when I am done restoring I can shut the old server, power up the new server and move forward.  I was looking into Clonezilla??  Any recommendations?
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scrathcyboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Acronis and Ghost are the two most recommended programs.

Acronis is very expensive, and Ghost is cheaper if you can find an older version with the floppy boot option to clone one hard disk to another.

What I would recommend for pree software is BootIt-NG --

Once you figure out how to use that, it is free, and it does a good job, but you have to power down the original server to clone it.
how about Acronis ?
i have use the symantec backup exec system recovery server edition to clone my Exchange Server 2003. and it has done great job for me.
it did take long time depend on you much data need to be clone but it does 100% clone of your server.

i have done this and restore that image on new server and it find new drives for new server hardware by itself if it is in their database and if not than you have to put drivers in. but i didnt have to put any driver on new server. it had found all the drivers by itself while it was restoring on new server.

so i would say use Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0 Server Edition if money is not big problem.

here is the link

Thank you

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