SQL Variable - Result as SomeName

I have this query:

Create Mytable
(somefield int)

DECLARE @Num numeric (10,10)

SELECT top 1 @Num = somefield

I always get (No Column Name) when I get my result.

SELECT top 1 @Num = somefield as SomeCoolName   // This doesn't work.

Any ideas?
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When you set a variable in a select statement it won't show up in the resultset.

You can do this:

SELECT top 1 @Num = somefield from... where...

followed by

select @num SomeCoolName

and that should work fine

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When you specify a local variable(@Num) the value is set for the variable.  You can alias a field with similar syntax:

SELECT top 1 SomeCoolName  = YourField
from YourTable

OR another way to alias a field:

SELECT top 1 Field AS SomeCoolName  
from YourTable
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