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PHP/GD2 Image tracking with additional value

How I can track unique emails I sent using PHP and GD ?

Basically I have function where I'm saving into DB stats (file - script.php) and the using GD2 imagecreate() imagepng() I'm creating image - data collection works fine, but making situation more complicated - I want to track some part of emails, so I want to put there some unique ID - and now the question :

I have following code - <img src="script.php" alt="" /> .... now I want to add something like: <img src="script.php?id=22" alt="" /> - and question is how to get ID - it's not a POST or GET - s what is it ?

Maybe there is no solution, and you have some other ideas/ways how I can do it ? Or maybe you have some simple JS solution ?
1 Solution

<img src="script.php?id=22" alt="" />

The id number will be in the $_GET array:


 $id = $_GET['id'];


Perhaps your problem lies elsewhere in your code?
devpeteAuthor Commented:
Of course you have right - I just mixed up my variable name and I couldn't read this value - so I thought it must be some different array... ehhh doesn't matter ;]
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