New Exchange 2003 Server will not act as a bridgehead properly

I have just added a new Exchange 2003 server to my environment which currently consists of 6 2003 Exchange server and 1 2003 Exchange Front End server.
Currently 2 of my existing servers act as Bridgeheads and handle sending all mail. I would like to make the new one a bridgehead.
All sites are connected using MPLS circuits.
My new Exchange server will not receive mail from the other servers in order to attempt to deliver. I have confirmed this by removing all servers as bridgeheads except the new one. Whenthis happens all mail queues. When I add one of my other servers as a bridgehead then mail flows again.
I can access mailboxes on the new server via the Front End using OWA. Also, I can send mail out to the internet from mailboxes located on the new server. Finally if I telnet to 25 I get a valid response.

I am at a loss.
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consultkhanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After you move bridgehead from the working server to a new machine you must manually run
IISRESET command on the new server and also restart exchange MTA service.
This will force the system to use the new bridgehead.
Try and tell me
wooliebAuthor Commented:
Just to give an update, I can telnet "servername" 25 internally between servers. I can do this both ways.
SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using routing groups and routing group connectors?
Have you adjusted the FQDN on the SMTP virtual server to something other than the server's internal name? (That isn't a bad thing, just need to know if you have done that).

Exchange routes email using information that you may not be aware of, incuding the value of the FQDN on the SMTP virtual server. If the SMTP VS is set to All unasssigned you can also get problems. Changing it to a specific IP address and then recreating any RGCs/SMTP Connectors will often fix the issue.

Running IIS Reset and the service restart simply speeds up the process. Exchange will start using the new information on its own after about 10 minutes.

wooliebAuthor Commented:
The changes to the SMTP Virtual Server and restarting of services seems to do the trick. I will continue testing and post my findings shortly.

Thanks to both of you.

wooliebAuthor Commented:
OK, I have a new problem related to this.

I successfully moved a mailbox from the old server to the new one. Now, internal and external mail for the user moved are stuck in the "Messages queued for deferred delivery" folder.

I had previously created a new mailbox on the new server and that user can send and receive all mail with no problems.
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