Blue screen of death (BSOD) on both nodes of an Exchange 2003 active/passive cluster at the same time

We're running Server 2003 enterprise with SP2 and Exchange 2003 SP2 enterprise.  We have an active/passive cluster that was just built.

BOTH the active and passive nodes are received a blue screen of death at the exact same time.  We don't have any dumps yet as there were no page files on the system partition - we're just waiting for the next BSOD.  We haven't been able to find any info on what would cause both nodes to blue screen at the same exact time.  Anyone ever run into something like this?

We're running multi-path back to the SAN, so we find it hard to believe both paths would drop for an unexplained reason - only thing we can think of that might cause a blue screen.
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diperspAuthor Commented:
Am requesting this be closed.  This was actually a problem with the HP Proliant Support Pack version 7.80 with a NIC issue.  Upgrading the NIC driver and/or to PSP 7.90 resolved these issues.
the particular stop error, or anything else that may have been present on the bsod would be helpful.

diperspAuthor Commented:
That's what we're waiting to capture. . .  System is set to auto reboot since we can't wait until it happens and get someone to reboot it.  Event logs aren't capturing anything, so we're going to be relying on the dumps next time it happens.
Closed, 500 points refunded.
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