Backup in DMZ via SQL Server Agent

I need to run a backup for server A. On server A we have SQL-Express.
I would like to do this via SQL Server Agent on server B >> SQL Server 2005.
The problem is, that both Servers are in the DMZ.
The agent runs under NT-Authority.
If I run the maintainance plan the backups works, because it's running in sa-context.
If I run it via agent it's fainling because NT-Authority has no access.
So how is it possible to run the agent properly?

Thanks a lot
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arthrexConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
SQL Express doesn't have an agent.
So it's not possible to do it the way I wanted it to do.
I managed it with sqlcmd and a scheduled task.

Thanks anyway rboyd56!
SQL Server Agent jobs can run via a proxy account. You should be able to set up a proxy acount with the necessary permissions on the A server so it can backup the databases on that server. I am assuming that the problem you are having is that the NT-Authority account on server B cannot access Server A.
arthrexAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot rboyd56.
But how do I set up a proxy account?
Do you mean a normal local user on Server A?
arthrexAuthor Commented:
ok I found were to add an proxyuser and credentials.
but with which user do i have to do this?
I created a new local user (administrator) on server A.
under this new account runs the sqlserveragent. wht do I have to do now?
please help!
thanks a lot
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