Map drives and still keep information on the local computer for mac and pc.

I know how to map a network drive on a sbs server for a pc, but i have laptops comming in here and i want to map the drive for them and yet let them save the information in My Documents for when they are not here.  Question:  Can I still map the drive and have the information kept on their hard drive on the laptops.

We also have Mac Ibooks and G5 power macs.


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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
While chuckyh solves the Windows problem you've the Macs to think of too!!

For the Macs ... there is no in-built Offline Folders function the same as Windows

Have a look at
Unison -
iFolders -

Read this discussion for a few other ideas
You can map a drive and enable off line folders.  After mapping the drive, select it when you are in my computers. Go to the file menu and choose make available offline.  What this will do is let you access files in this folder when they are not connected to the network, the next time they connect the files will sync up and changes that were made.
Here are more instructions:
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