Upgrade to MySQL 5 from 4.1

Hi there,
I have purchased a dedicated server from 1&1 in UK. It comes with Fedora 4 (64) plesk 8.2, mysql 4.1. What I need to do is to upgrade mysql to version 5.1 without damaging plesk or something else.
I need someone who can show me how to do it step by step :)

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Fedora uses YUM not up2date,  the specific core version you are using still uses version 4 for mySQL but there might be a mySQL 5 RPM available via the extras however I would skip that route for the moment.

You'll be best just downloading the RPM's yourself and manually rpm -Ihv them, before you even start first backup your databases (Plesk dumps them nightly aswell but copy the data files for easy of use)

rsync -av /var/lib/mysql/ /var/lib/backupmysql/

Just remember you'll want a dump of them also just to be sure.

After you back them up theres many routes to take the one I mentioned above on getting the RPM's yourself and manually installing would be the best option but you can use the RPM's available in a few locations,  such as using the DAG repository,  I believe one of the plesk users maintains one aswell (which I can't for the life of me remember the name of it).

Just remember that after you replace the RPM's you'll need to reinstall PHP.  You might like just to get someone to do this for you so it's done properly.

yum update

that should update your system to what is current (similar to windowsupdates, only it updates all the software that got installed via the fedora repository system too, not just the OS). If I'm not mistaken Fedora Core uses MySQL 5.x.

If you prefer using the GUI you can also try using up2date, there you might have some more control without doing too much keyboard punching.
bilgehanyildirimAuthor Commented:
Yum update only updated this package
eclipse-ecj.x86_64 1:3.1.1-1jpp_1fc.FC4.12
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What about up2date?
bilgehanyildirimAuthor Commented:
I can only connect to server via ssh.
When I type
up2date -f -u

I got
Name                                    Version        Rel    

All packages are currently up to date
Then we'll have to wait for some other help, as I haven't used FC for ages and don't remember all the details.
bilgehanyildirimAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your time.
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