message stuck in categorizer

I am having a strange problem, every morning around 7ish we start getting all emails stuck in the categorizer.
We are running windows server 2003, with exchange 2003 service pack 2.
This started after we upgraded our exchange server to a new box, and had no problems with the old box. I have ran the best practices and fixed any critical errors, also once we moved the data we renamed the new server to match the old server name and also renamed the old server.
Once we restart the server the error goes away, until the next morning.
Any thought would be great.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The categorizer is where AV/Antispam does its thing, so that is the first place I would be looking. Remove any AV/Antispam applications and see if the problems stop.
If you have any desktop AV, ensure that it is not set to scan any part of the Exchange directory structure on any live or scheduled scans.

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