how to permanently get rid of " ggf.exe "

Have an XP Pro PC that has a continual trojan trying to load - ggf.exe.xxxxx - Kaspersky intercepts the activity and deletes the file; but, after any reboot the file tries to reload itself!!!!!  Anyone have information on how to permanently get rid of " ggf.exe "
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scan with Kaspersky in safemode and delete the file there manually.
check back in normal mode now....
Type msconfig, goto startup, delete it there
ftv34p4sAuthor Commented:
I will give that a shot this afternoon  .....  will let you know what happens
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ftv34p4sAuthor Commented:
Did NOT know that Kaspersky would scan in Safe Mode  ....  will try this also
If the above doesn't fix it then please post the HJT log:

Download and run HijackThis from
(use the "direct download" link in the upper-right corner)
Copy-and-paste the resulting log here.
Prevx will get rid of it:

You can download a fully-functional 30-day trial.
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