Search and copy all files with a particular ext


I want a script to copy any type of file ext i specify.
like "jpeg" search for jpeg file in all the drives in the machine and copy any files found to the path specified.

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Hoping nothing go wrong wmic command...

@echo off
:: *** remove REM if u don't want output
REM set NoOUTPUT=^>nul 2^>^&1

::Creation of destination folder
%NoOUTPUT% mkdir c:\temp
%NoOUTPUT% mkdir c:\temp\img
:: ***set the destination folder
set copyTO=c:\temp\img

:: *** Looking For
:: change or add new exts
set lookFOR=*.jpg *.gif *.png *.bmp *.psd
for /f %%c in ('type c:\computers.txt') do (
  ((ping -n 2 -w 500 %%c|find /i "TTL" 1>null )&&  call :_FFinPC %%c  2>nul)||echo %%c: switched off
goto :_END
 set d=
 for /f "skip=1 delims=:" %%h in ('WMIC.EXE /Node:"%1"  path win32_LogicalDisk where drivetype^="3" get caption') do (
 set d=%%h
 call :_look4in \\%1\%%h$
goto :_EOF
echo look in %1 for %lookFOR%
echo for /r "%1" %%F in (%lookFOR%) do
for /r "%1" %%F in (%lookFOR%) do  (
  %NoOUTPUT% echo %%F
  %NoOUTPUT% copy "%%F" "%copyTO%"
goto :_EOF
I don't have a script, but a quick solution would be to use a file-copy program like Karen's Replicator (  You can set a filter on a job so that it only selects the file types you want.  The downside with Karen's is that it will create a directory tree that replicates what is on the source drive.  If this is a problem, I would look for another program like this one to do the job.  If you are a VB programmer, you could use the source code for Karen's to modify it to your needs.
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