Laptop graphics card - Hardware upgrade?


I would like to do a hardware upgrade of my NVidia graphics card for my Samsung X30 / NX30 laptop.

My current graphics card:
Geforce FX Go5200 32M/64M

My laptop specification (Samsung X30 (nx30tp5p94/suk) PC Notebook) :

My graphics card is now too old, and does not have enough memory and speed.

1. Can I upgrade the FX Go 5200 on my Samsung X30? Is the graphics card embedded or pluggable?
2. If the answer to 1) is 'yes', what are my upgrade options?
3. If the answer to 1) is 'no', are there any other laternatives for me, such as changing the motherboard?


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There are very few, if any laptop graphic cards that are upgradeable. The expense if changing a motherboard would not be any cheaper than getting a new laptop. I would look for a new laptop.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
No, the Go5200 chipset is embedded on the mainboard.

If it doesn't have the memory or speed you need it is unlikely the rest of the laptop will either so even if you could update it you would only be able to display better graphics slowly.

Cut your loses and get a newer machine.
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