We use roaming profiles here and sometimes they will get corrupted and we will have to force a recreate of the profile (usually by renaming the profile on the server with "delete_%username%"). I have noticed that a few of the old renamed profiles will not delete when we are ready to get rid of them. On everyone of them the file rasphone.pbk is the problem. No matter what I do it will not delete. I have checked that it is not set as Read Only and have also checked the permissions to make sure I have access (the use i am using is a Domain Admin and the file is set to give Domain Admin's Full Control). I have even made sure that the Owner was set to the local Administrators group. Everytime it gives a Access Denied: File may be in use error. This happens even after a reboot of the server. The only thing I havent tried is Safe Mode (systems is Windows Server 2003 SP1) which is difficult since this is our main file server and is used almost 24/7. Any ideas anyone?
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MidnightOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use a program called Unlocker (version 1.8.5) that should kick that file RIGHT open for access.

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