setting up default home page in IE using GPO - where does the policy get applied?


I need to default the homepage for our users to their individual sharepoint dept pages in itnernet explorer.

Obviously I'm going to do this wiht a GPO, but does the GPO get applied to the OU that the computers are in, the OU that the users are in or the OU that the Groups are in?
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Forgot to mention that with ALL GPOs you don't apply them to OU's with just groups in them.  In other words, if you want a User setting to take affect, then the actual user Account needs to be in that OU or a sub-OU of that linked GPO in order for it to work correctly.  Same goes for computer settings in reference to the computer accounts.
It depends where you link the OU.  You can link them to the domain, or any container.  I believe you can r-click and 'create and link a new GPO here' from AD users and computers.
That GPO setting for setting a custom Home page is a user defined setting, so it needs to either be applied at the domain level or to an OU where the user accounts are for best results.
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