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I have a control which accepts objects of type   ValueListItem, is the following the best way of adding multiple items. Or should I stick with a single vli as just set it to a new one each time

       Dim vli1 As New Infragistics.Win.ValueListItem
        vli1.DisplayText = "Direct Database Connection"
        Dim vli2 As New Infragistics.Win.ValueListItem
        vli2.DisplayText = "Connect via Web Service"
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
I would say the second option is better.  Then you don't have a ton of variables declared cluttering up the code:

    Dim vli As Infragistics.Win.ValueListItem

    vli = New Infragistics.Win.ValueListItem
    vli.DisplayText = "Direct Database Connection"

    vli = New Infragistics.Win.ValueListItem
    vli.DisplayText = "Connect via Web Service"
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