Dynamic Free/Busy Information for Everyone in Our Company

We are using Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and Outlook XP SP3.  Our users would like to be able to see dynamically at a glance all of the free/busy information for everyone in the company.  The Group Schedules tool in Outlook does essentially what our users are looking for, but it requires that individuals or distribution lists be manually added.  Also, once a Group Schedule has been created if users are added or removed from our Exchange organization those changes aren't reflected.  Is there a way to have a Group Schedule that will show all of the free/busy information for everyone in the company that will always be dynamic in showing everyone that is currently in our Exchange organization or alternatively is there a free third party tool that will do what we're looking for?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can't think of anything built in that will do it.
The only thing I think of is Look for Outlook from Symprex. It isn't free though. Very few free things for Exchange.

karinerivetAuthor Commented:
Symprex looks like it might do what we're looking for, but it's far more pricey than what we're looking for.
Welcome to the world of Exchange.
Its a corporate product with corporate pricing. If it cannot be done natively you will be unlikely to find it cheaply done elsewhere because there is good money to be made from corporate email products.

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