RDP connection over a VPN keeps loosing printer mapping

I have serveral users connecting to software through RDP over a VPN connection.  They couldn't print.  They had too new of a version of RDP and it was interfering with the software.  Taking them back one version fixed the issue.  They printed for about a week.  They call today and when they first log in they get the printers.  They are telling me they are dispappearing after they are logged infor a while????  I am desperate.  I have no access to the other software they are connecting to.  The software vendor continually says it is our issue not theirs (go figure).  All I know is I have directors and VP starting to get upset because these billers can print their claims.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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banks1850Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you could try using microsoft's rdp print mapping tool.  that might fix the issue.

ladymadonnaAuthor Commented:
It already has a mapping tool on the vendors side of the vpn.  They are using screwdriver.  Any other thoughts.
ladymadonnaAuthor Commented:
There seems to be an issue with the mapping program they are using.  I also had to put them on the same subtnet.  The mappping program was taking too long and could not find the printers.
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