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We are running Exchange 2003 SP2 on 2003 servers.  Can Exchange be configured for both exchange cache mode and pop/smtp functionality or is it an either or situation.  I ask because we have outside contractors who need to have our company email addresses but also don't want to have to use two seperate instances of Outlook to track email and other items like the calendar and tasks.  As it stands now they have to VPN in to see thier email for our company.  It would also be great if I could configure the rest of our users who use laptops to have two email accounts configured on their Outlook client so that when they are in the office the exchange cache mode mail account settings would be used and when they are out of the office the pop/smtp account settings would be used without duplicating the email.  Any articles or websites that are helpful would be greatly appreciated.  

Also, could I use virualization software to split our one exchange server and do it that way?

Thanks in advance!
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Cache mode can be used while using RPC.  You actually can set up RPC so that over fast networks (think, internal, your LAN) it uses normal connectivity, and then over the internet it uses rpc.  It basically allows you to use 2 methods to connect, the first being internal fast access, the second being slightly slower, but still allows all the options normally associated with outlook (shared calendaring, public folders...etc)
for your laptop employees why not just setup rpc over https?  It allows you to connect to the exchange server securely anywhere on the internet.  (all you need to do is set up exchange and IIS to use https).

On this same vein, for the contractors, you could have them use OWA.  then they can access calendars and email all from a single place and as long as you use https you don't have any security issues.  Come to think of it, they could use the rpc over https as well I guess, if all you are looking to do is have them connect the same way from inside and out.

check out this link:
BrianSDGAuthor Commented:
The info is great thanks.  If I change to rpc over https do I lose the ability to configure Outlook to use exchange cache mode, is it an either or situation?  Can I have an Outlook client configured for exchange cache mode and rpc over https at the same time in a one exchange server network so that when the user is in the office the client primarily uses the exchange cache mode and when the user is out of the office the rpc over https email account settings kick in.  In otherwards, can the exchange server and the Outllook clients be set up to use either email account settings or both at the same time.
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