Goldmine sync issues through netgear VPN.

Hi All,
I have a site to site VPN, both ends are running Netgear FVS 318 v3 firmware v3.0_26RC1 (ipsec tunnel, Encryption. 3Des, Algorithm SHA-1, SA Life Time 86400). Here is my problem, at head office we are running Goldmine Enterprise 6.7 sql 7 backend and at our remote site the user is an undocked user dbase backend. In order to recieve changes the undocked user syncs with the main database, his upload to the server works just fine however his download  crashes 3 quarters the way through the sync. The error message states " Timed out waiting from a respose from the server. TSAA0101.gts download failed". The connection at head office is a full T1 and at the remote site it is a broadband connection (cable). I have tested the upload speed is 842kbps and download speed is 4464kbps. The average size of the sync file varies between 216kb to 1.5 mb
Here is what I have done so far to troubleshoot;
1. replaced the Netgear at the remote site
2. recreated the undocked user in Goldmine
I am at lost, any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Noyan GonulsenAsked:
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Take a look at the Cache settings in the VPN.
Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
I got the device replaced, thinking it could have been a hardware issue. It was still the same result after I rebuilt the vpn.

Rebuilding the remote shouldnt make a difference.   However, you should really run the remote on MSDE or similar, dBase to SQL can create issues were dBase creates duplicate RECID entries - this leads to sync issues as SQL enforces these as being unique.

Try going to file>configure>synchronisation settings and increase the time outs.  Also whats the precise version of GoldMine 6.7?

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Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
Hey Richard,
Thanks for responding this issue only happenes when the remote user goes into the office, at home he does not have any issues syncing. I have already changed the timeouts for both tcp and udp to the max. 600 and the version of Goldmine is 6.70.50123.
Any help is appreciated.

OK, your build of GoldMine is good.  Strange that its only in the office....   Is he using an IP address or using the machine name?
Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
He's using the ip address.
Noyan GonulsenAuthor Commented:
I changed the firewall rule to except syncing from the external IP of my remote site to the goldsync server.

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