Adding more domains, and users to a single domain.


I currently have a single domain environment using exchange 2003, and windows Advanced Server. I have a need to create a user that is on a different domain. How would I add a new non-sub domain to our current domain. Ideally, i would like our user to reply to questions using the new domain, and having no outward relationship to my orginal domain.
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Malli BoppeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Point your new domain mx record same as your existing domain.create a new Recipient updata policy with with just the new domain.Creeate a user and a change the exchange attribute to the new recepient policy.This way the user would receive and can reply with the new domain email address
If you add a domain to your existing one it will become your child domain. If you don't want that you can only create a Trust Relationship with yours and the new domain. It is not clear what you really want to achieve - what do you mean by create a user that is on a different domain? And what do you mean by reply to questions using the new domain? Do you mean to create a new email account such as or to reply to your clients' queries?
jasonpiper01Author Commented:
For example, we are opening up a new unrelated website. On that website we will have a support email address, now we can no way be related to this site openly. So the customer would email the support and we want the reply to be the same domain as the email, for example, would be the support email, that would then go to another account, then the reply from should be from Does that answer your question?
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