Outlook 2003 using non-existent signatures

Hello all,
I've got a user using outlook 2003 (as is our company's standard), he has two signature files - one for creating new messages and one for replying/forwarding. They are the only two files in the signatures folder. When he replies to some emails it puts in the correct signature, however, when he replies to others, it sometimes uses signatures that don't exist, or that i can't find anywhere. In outlook email settings, only two signatures are listed.
Does anyone know what might be the cause of this?
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Go to C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures and verify that there are only two signatures in there.  Each signature should have three files (htm, txt, and rtf files).  If there are more than the two signature files delete the ones that should not be there.  Then go back to Outlook and verify that the signatures are setup correctly for new and reply emails.
This is an odd one.  I'd first recommend copying the text of the signatures and deleting all of the old signatures, and then re-creating them.  See if that helps.

If it doesn't fix it, this user could have a corrupt profile.  Here are some steps to re-creating their profile

Let me know how this goes.
ciphronAuthor Commented:
bluetab - I've checked and there are 6 files in that folder (he has two signatures) so that looks to be okay.

Rob132332 - I'll check that next

Thanks you both for the posts
ciphronAuthor Commented:
Within the 6 files, they had different signatures. One was for one person and one of the files was for the other person. I modified these and everything is back to normal.
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